Replacement Characters mp3Tag Mac v1.0.1

I was one of the beta testers and probably should have raised this when I first encountered it there. However, I had hoped for it to be resolved with the official release but unfortunately it continues to be an issue with the paid Mac version.

I rename directories once I've tagged them using Discogs DB data or similar and use replacement characters to handle characters that don't play well with certain OS's. For reissues I include both the original year of release and the reissue year in the directory title. I use a unicode slash to replace but my replacement slash is being replaced by an underscore. I use the same string on my Windows instance of mp3Tag and it works as expected. Any assistance is appreciated thanks!

Beginning of String:

Example of current output:
1975 _ 2019|Mako Sanjyo - 女ですもの|Solid Records none|WEB 16 - 44.1

Output I'm interested in achieving:
1975 ∕∕ 2019|Mako Sanjyo - 女ですもの|Solid Records none|WEB 16 - 44.1

Thanks for your feedback and your support!

It's always best to raise any concerns as early as possible — there is often a large group of others waiting for one to make the first move :smiley:

I've described what I'm doing and why in this post. I think it makes sense, but I'd love to hear your opinion on that:

I've just released v1.0.2 and now reverted the new behavior where special characters were automatically replaced on field-lookup.

It caused more irritation than doing good and having no magic there is probably a good way to go.

Thank you very much I will upgrade the previous version and mess with it a bit today.

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