Replacements in Folder Path?

How do I use the ACTION button to make replacements in a file's Path? There is nothing in the Field drop-down menu that seems to address this.

Even after I modify the names of Albums in MP3Tag, I notice that in the folder where I keep my music the file folder's name does not actually change appropriately to match the Album. So, for example: The File Folder shows the name, Ponchielli[no space]- La Gioconda (Highlights). But, I want it to show: Ponchielli - La Gioconda (Highlights). How do I do this (other than going through and manually modifying ever Folder Filder name)?


See the attachment.

Create an action of the type "Format field" for _DIRECTORY
Enter as format string those variables that make up the correct name.
You mention ALBUM, so I guess the format string should be:

I right-click on COLUMN. Then, I go: CHOOSE COLUMNS > NEW. For both Value and Field, I choose: INFORMATION FIELDS > FOLDERPATH. Then, I click OK.

Then, I click the REPLACE button and choose _DIRECTORY for the Field to be changed.

This seems to work . . . for those who might have wondered! :sunglasses:

For those who are wondering: what do the columns have to do with the initial problem of renaming a folder?
And where did you find the

Are we talking about the same application?