Replacing A FIELD Entry

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for Mp3tag. It really is a great software, especially when you have 4000 unorganized songs like I Do.

Well, My Question is: How do we replace an exisiting field entry with the one we want, using Actions?
I'll Explain my query with an example:
Say the 'Artist' Field for a particular track has an 'x' amount of text or nothing in it as description. I Want to Replace it with 'Mr. X' or anything else. How do we do it?

I Have Another question: Can the action, asked above, be used on 'X' number of files together?

Thanks For Helping Me Out. :slight_smile:

Try the format value action. Just enter your text as format string.

Thanks You So Much...It Was Just What I Needed...I've Just Started..Thanks Again. :laughing: