Replacing All Text After a Certain Point

I'm looking to do a batch "Replace" for file title tags and replace/remove all characters after a certain phrase in the title.

For example, the title is Superboy Saves the Day (Remix) by Wonderman.
Replace (Remix) by...
With (Remix)

The remix artist is the variable that could be different between all tracks, but I want them all gone.

You could try an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for TITLE
Search string: (.*)\).*
Replace: $1)

@ohrenkino: Are you sure that this RegEx is enough to detect the string "Remix" in opening and closing brackets?

I assume, this would also match everything else enclosed in brackets, like:
Superboy Saves the Day (Compiled) by Wonderman
Superboy Saves the Day (Remastered) by Wonderman
Superboy Saves the Day (Compiled)
Superboy Saves the Day (Remastered)

Maybe this is what @bfdscarecrow1 needs, I would just like to point out.