Replacing (Feat. artist)


Hey, very very good program btw.

I have v2.37a, and was wondering how do I remove the (Feat. artist) from my filenames.

I have tried using the replace action and entering (Feat. original part and with the replacement blank and it succesfully removes the first part.

However I'm looking for a way to run this action that will remove (Feat. artist) for all the filenames in the folder, ie. by selecting them all and running this action.

I have searched the forum and saw another post which said try using (.*) instead, although this did not work, maybe it was for an older version..?

Could you please please tell me how to remove (Feat. artist) as a whole so I only need to run it once over all the filenames?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


You may try this ...
Create an action group Remove ' (feat. abc)'.
Create an action:
Action #1:
Action type: Replace with regular expression
Regular expression: (feat.) ;Note: There is one blank before the star.
Replace matches with:

[ ] case-sensitive comparison



Thanks very much, that worked perfectly, plus I was able to make an expression to remove (Remix) [Remix].