Replacing \\ in a tag

I have a bunch of tags in the form: NAME1\\NAME2 (no spaces between the names). I want to replace the \\ with a ; or space. I've tried using the replace action with no luck (no changes are made). I've used the replace action many times, so I'm wondering if I need to precede the \\ with some other symbol. If it is documented somewhere, I missed seeing it. Thanks for any help.

The double-backslash creates several instances of the tag - have a look at the extended tags and you will find two tags with the same name, one with the contents NAME1 and one with NAME2.

The only way I could think of merging these two is to format the tag field with the contents of the $meta function:
e.g. if you found NAME1\\NAME2 in artist you would format the tag-field artist with
$meta(artist,0) $meta(artist,1)

I cannot think of a more elegant, more universal way.

There is a extra action for this:

Action: Merge dublicat fields
Field: _ALL
Seperator: "; " (without quotes, just to show the space at the end)

Thank you.