Replacing multiple "spelled" values into one, with only one action

Please find the attached. You can see an artist's name — S. P. Balasubrahmanyam — with different spellings and also with different kind of spacing between the initials. So how can I setup a single action to replace all these names spelling into the one/original name?


Like is there any way to enter multiple 'incorrect' forms at the Original field in the Replace-action window? Like with commas or anything?


I searched the forum but I'm unable to find a solution, might be the problem with my search terms I think.
I've around 4000+ tracks to set the tags with many artists' name (also many tag fields) with different spellings, and this is just an example.

I would say in the time you think about a complicated regular expression, you write the 3 or 4 variants for SP, S. P., S P. and S. P with different replace actions.

The same is true for other variations like the name written with "y" and "i".

Variations which are more complicated like switched letters or complete other variations can't be detected easily. There are just too many possibilites to write
S.P. Balasubrahmanyam

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There is no way that MP3tag scans through your collection, identifies various words and then guesses which of these might have the correct spelling.
If you find a mis-spelled word, then it would be easiest to filter for such a word like
%artist% HAS Balasubrah
or just
and then see which variations you have got and then decide how you want to unify them.
In many cases the fastest way would be with the help of the tag panel where you simply enter the correct word and save the modification.
If the word is only part of a field, then a simple "Replace" action would probably be the fastest way.


Yes, this is what I did for just these files, by just filtering with just "bala", then selecting the filtered files and replacing the variants, thanks :blush:

Yeah tried this one too, thanks :blush:

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