Replacing string in artist filed

I have some of artist fields with just first name, I need to replace it with firstname lastname. For example
I need to replace
Benny Dayal

However, if there is already Benny Dayal, it is replacing it with two Benny words. Is there anyway, I can create action to replace only Benny when there is no Dayal?


Try a "Replace with regular expression" action instead of the simple replace action.
Enter as search string:

This assumes that only "Benny" can be found in the artist field.

You can keep your action if you filter your files first with
%artist% IS Benny

Thanks for the post. This will help for cases where I have single artist. Some times, I have multiple artists separated by comma.

I am thinking to run one more action group as last one which will search for "Benny Benny" and replace with just one Benny. I have copule of them.

As I fix one problem with action, I am get side effects of the fix. However, I have lot of progress. I understood that some times I need to do in certain order. I am cleaning up all the mistakes I did while entering meta data.