Replacing "//"

I realize this is a simple request and I have tried several different approaches. The frustrating thing is this use to work flawlessly until I upgraded to the current version (2.61a), I was several revisions out of date.

Replacing "\\" with "; "
The example tag data would be "Mary Ann Kennedy\\Pam Rose\\Pat Bunch"
The resulting tag data would be "Mary Ann Kennedy; Pam Rose; Pat Bunch"

I created an action using replace (regular expression) which shows as:

Regular expression "_ALL:": "\\" -> "; "

but it always returns formatted tags in 0 files and no changes are made. Even though "" is not listed as a special character, I have tried several variants to no success.

Assuming this was an installation issue I have uninstalled and reinstalled with no success.

Thanks in advance for the help!

To me it looks as though you have a multi-value field.
You check if you have such a field with the extended tags dialogue (alt-t) when you find several fields of the same type, e.g. artist.
MP3tag represents a multi-value field with \\ and this cannot be replaced with a replace action as these characters are not really there.
To manipulate a multi-value field, you have to join the fields first into one.There is an action for that.
In this action you can define a separator. Do not use the \\ as you then would not have gained anything.

You were absolutely right! - and the merge duplicate fields function worked great. Not sure why I thought this worked before.

Thanks for your help