Replay Gain tags stripped on edit

When I edit MP3 tags with the latest version, any edit seems to remove all replaygain tags. The problem seems to be with having RG tags represented in the tag panel (with as the default value) - removing those fields from the tag panel makes the issue go away

Defining a default value for fields in the tag panel overwrites existing data with the default value as soon as you select more than one file.
This is a feature that has been restored on user's request after it had been removed due to irritation like your's on the side of other users.
See the change log:
[2018-11-09] NEW: added default value configuration for Tag Panel fields that is used when multiple files are selected.
[2018-05-07] CHG: removed default values configuration.

My apologies, I typed that the default value was <keep> but I forgot to put it in here as preformatted text in my original post. <keep> should mean the tags are not overwritten by default, right?

I just checked: all tag panel fields get the default value <keep> unless specified differently.
I just tested it with the field LANGUAGE in 2 files and I can't reproduce your observation: the fields had 2 different values, the tag panel field showed "<keep> and the values where kept.
Could it be that the settings to read, write and delete in
treat APE tags in a special way? Fairly often, replay gain fields are stored in APE tags.

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That must have been it! I played with the settings and the problem seems to have gone away. Thanks for the help!

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