Replaygain for Flac possible?


I'm new to mp3tag. I have many flac files with replaygain tagging added using foobar2000. I can see the replaygain data using mp3tag. I tried adding new filed %REPLAYGAIN_ALBUM_GAIN% as suggested but no data is shown. Is replaygain tagging for flac files possible?


Where exactly do you want to add a field?
In the tag panel you must use REPLAYGAIN_ALBUM_GAIN (no % chars).

Thanks, I got it.

now just one last question, is there a way to automatically read track gain of all files' and then add a constant 3db to all values and write them back? Does mp3tag support command line switches?

Many thanks

Are you sure you wanna add +3 dB?
foobar2000 has a preamp setting that can amplify the replaygain volume during playback.

Anyway there's just been a thread about this:

No command line for tagging operations. Only for adding files to the program.