Replaygain not shown for musepack/apev2 files

Just noticed that the replaygain values that are added to my musepack files with fb2k can't be seen in the extended tags dialog. Is it a bug or something on my side?

I think that these values are stored in the fb2k database and not in the files.

No, replaygain data is saved to the file but not as normal tag.

You can display it in Mp3tag with

but currently it returns wrong data.

It's not wrong data, but a format that is different from what foobar2000 is displaying. I'll change it to the next release.

howdy dano,

i've got files that have replaygain info in them from fb2k. the tags [both track gain and peak] show in mp3tag when i select "view/extended tags" but i can't figure out how to get them to show in the column list. [sigh ...]

i've ...

  • added a new field in the "customize columns" dialog
  • put "RPG Track" in the NAME field
  • put "%_replaygain_track_gain%" in the VALUE and FIELD boxes
  • left the SORT BY box empty

the column header shows but no data. obviously i've done something wrong. help, please?

if this otta be in a new thread, lemme know and i'll do just that.

take care,

This thread is about musepack (mpc) files, do you have these?

If not you must use %replaygain_track_gain% (no leading underscore).

howdy dano,

yes, i'm using mp3 files. i missed the musepack reference. [blush] thanks for the help!

take care,