I have inherited several thousand tracks in various formats (MP3, MP4 and M4A). Fortunately the tagging seems to be fine in respect of title, album, artist, tracknumber etc.
I see also that they have been replaygained and itunenormed (in the main).

Problem is that the volumes are "all over the place" in iPod and Foobar some tracks being so loud as to be a problem.

Can someone suggest a solution.


Edit: Tagging formats are ID3v1, ID3v2 and APE2

I see you already have replaygain and souncheck (itunes) tags. Just use a player that recognizes the tags when playing back. There is a setting in foobar to use the replaygain. In itunes and ipod just go to settings and turn soundcheck ON.

Thanks garym.
I already employ the tactics you kindly suggested.
Difficulty is that there are still significant changes in volume (especially on the too loud side) and this suggested to me that either there was a problem with the tags themselves (corruption?) or that they had been replaygained with too high a gain value.

Any more thoughts would be much appreciated.


If these were mine, I'd redo all the replay gain tagging using foobar2000. If the artist and album name tags are good, you can do this in a large batch with only a few mouse clicks. Foobar2000 will overwrite the current tags. You have to be extra careful with compilation CDs and album artist tags.

I'd also delete the ITUNNORMAL comment tags in mp3tag, and then after i've replaygained everything, I'd remove the files from itunes then ADD them back to itunes. It will then create new soundcheck values. Better yet, just use an action in mp3tag to create soundcheck values from the replaygain tag info (you can use either album or track). Search mp3tag forums for info on how to do this.

Worked perfectly!!
Many thanks.