Replicate/Copy tag Info into several files

Okay, I'm a noobie to Mp3Tag, but I see it's got huge potential for me! I've looked through the forum(s) and read the FAQs, but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Very simple question:

When entering tag info like Artist Name, Album, Genre (et al), how do I make that same information available for all the tracks of the album I'm entering data for? I can't believe I have to re-type the info each and every time.


Select all the tracks you want edit first, then enter the Artist/Album information in the Tag Panel on the left side and click on the Save icon.

Okay, that makes sense, but what if I have a track or two that already have that information? Can I replicate that somehow?

Yes, say you have an artist on one of the tracks that you want to apply to the other tracks.

Select all the tracks, open the drop-down box for Artist in the tag panel and select your choice.


My question comes in different format. How about when a track is left out because discogs doesn't have an album tagged with bonus tracks, so a track or more of them get left out. How do I copy all that info other tracks got from discogs to those that got left out?

Same way, really:
Select all the blank tracks plus one that has the (most of) the right information.
Go through the tag panel and select from the drop-down lists the appropriate entry.
Per default all entries are set to "keep". But if you set the required tags to the values you like and press Save (or Ctrl-S) afterwards, these values are written to the files.

Usually album, albumartist, artist, year, language, genre have equal values (for normal albums).
Track and title stay on "keep".

Sorry for bumping old topic but I have ran into another problem, ohrenkino.

Your way worked until now I noticed that I don't know how to copy to other songs the extended tags/metadata like BPM, DISCOGS_CATALOG, MEDIATYPE, etc. ..., because these tags are not on the right side of the window and can't do it the way you described. Is there a way?

If this happens to you often but not regularly then add a column for those fields.
If this happens all the time then also add an object in the tag panel.
The way to do it is described in the online help.

PS: Why do you want to copy BPM? I always thought that the BPMs are typical for a particular track and not for an album.

I was just writing an examples. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the answer!