Replicating foobars Input data one line per track


Hi there

I'm new to MP3Tag but so far I'm enjoying it very much. I use foobar as my music player and have been doing all of my tagging with it's built in Masstagger but because I want to start embedding my album art within my MP3's I want to start using MP3Tag instead.

One of the things I like about foobars Masstagger is the option to tag using the Input data (one line per track), this can save me a lot of time when tagging. Is there a way in MP3Tag that I can replicate this functionality, or will I just have to key everything in line by line? If I can't then it's no big deal, would just love to be able to do this within MP3Tag.

Many thanks for a great piece of software


There's not exactly the same thing in Mp3tag, but you can create a text file and write the tags in (one line per track) and import it with the Converter tagfile - tag [Alt+4]

Note: The tag panel is also very powerful when you want to apply one value to all selected files and the shortcut Ctrl+N lets you jump to the next file.


Thanks for the reply dano, I've just tried out your suggestion and it's worked exactly like I want it :slight_smile: