Report with subtitles

Hi everybody. I would like to know if it is possible to export a report keeping the structure of subfolders as subtitles.
Thanks for your help!

An export is possible.
Yet, I am not sure what you want to export.

Do you want to include the folder structure and add the label "Subtitle" do it?
Do you want to use the contents of the field SUBTITLE and create a folder where the export file can be found?

Thanks for your reply.
I have a folder and several subfolders containing my mp3s. Every time I modify something, I export an html report, but there appears all the content mixed.
What I am looking for is that the names are shown separated by subtitles, just as in the original structure.

So if you have an export script that works in principle but the sorting is order is not quite as you like it - you either have to show us the script or look which the correct sorting order would be and sort by that criterion. The $loop() statement starts the sorting.

Ok, here is my script. What would I have to add to achieve my goal?

$filename(html,utf-8)<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

Mp3tag - File Overview

Mp3tag - File Overview



<td$if($odd(%_counter%), class="odd",)>$replace(%artist%,&,&)
<td$if($odd(%_counter%), class="odd",)>$replace(%title%,&,&)
<td$if($odd(%_counter%), class="odd",)>$replace(%year%,&,&)
<td$if($odd(%_counter%), class="odd",)>$replace(%_filename_ext%,&,&)


<p>build on %_date% with %_app% - the universal Tag Editor <a href="" title="Mp3tag Website"></a></p>
Artist Title Year Filename

If you loop by %_filename_ext% then the filename is taken and the list sorted by that.
If you think that sorting by _PATH and then by TRACK will be better, try

Ok, thanks. I'll try and then tell you.

It did not work. I am not interested in the sort by tracks. I just want the sorting by filename, but under the name of each subfolder.

By now it should have become clearer how the sorting works.
So you could also try $loop(%_path%%_filename%)

Sorry, I'll try to express it in another way.
What I want to see in the overview is the following:

Name of subfolder A
Name of subfolder B
Name of subfolder C

So you need 2 loops: