Reporting 'Listened to' Episodes with Rockbox

Rockbox (on Ipod) is great, but has one big flaw. It doesn't (reliably or easily) report when podcast episodes have been listened to.
So I keep links (shortcuts) on the laptop that point to episodes on the IPOD.
As I listen to IPOD episodes I delete them on the IPOD, leaving a dead link on the Laptop
This batch file finds the dead links and moves them to a 'listened to' folder. I can then easily go back into the main library to tag these episodes as 'listened to'.

REM If linked podcast not on IPOD, move link to Listened2
@echo off
REM xxcopy /RCY /PD0 means remove the original after a successful copy, suppressing confirmations
for %%f in (g:\temp*.lnk) do IF NOT EXIST "i:\podcasts\%%~nf.mp3" xxcopy "%%f" "G:\temp_Listened2" /RCY /PD0

Note I use xxcopy instead of xcopy (freely available on the web). Hope this is of help to any of you Rockbox users out there.