Reporting / Listing media

The windows version support listing/reporting all media and attributes but I cannot find it in the mac version. I tried CMD+A and CMD+C to cut and paste all media info to try to copy it into a spreadsheet but that does not work.

Help, what is a workaround?


Hi and welcome!

Can you see this topic, it might already shed some light into this :slight_smile:

Thank you for that info. The single line select copies the info fine.

I am actually trying to copy all entries (~1150) in one go, but it only seems to copy the first one and ignores all others, even though I have selected / highlighted all of them.

Correction: The copy and paste works if I copy it into Microsoft visual code but not when I copy it into Excel...

Maybe you'd need to adjust the format for Excel. What are you currently using?

I am using the standard from the 1st answer.

defaults write app.mp3tag.Mp3tag CopyFormat '"%album%$char(9)%track%$char(9)%title%$char(9)%artist%$char(9)%_length%$char(9)%discnumber%"'

This looks good (I've adjusted the formatting).

Is this Excel on Windows? It might be that you'd need to paste via Microsoft Visual Code and copy the whole text from there.

Excel on Mac. I did the ms vc step and that worked.

OK, glad you got it working. I've also installed Excel to try this and it also accepts only the first line of many in my tests.

I have currently no idea on how to circumvent this (without the intermediate step through another text editor), but I'll keep an eye on it.