Reporting Tool with File Copying

I love MP3TAG ... so much that I'm a donating member.

I've been wanting a way to search tags and dump the results into a file with file the location of each match.

For instance:

I want a list of all 4-Star **** files and the file location ... to copy to my portable device.
I would love just a text file and can use that to run a batch copy.

Or MP3TAG could offer the copy feature as well.

I would love to finds songs with a certain words in them ... or singer ... or anything.
What do you think?

I think most of the functions are already there.
You can filter for almost any critera e.g.
%popularimeter% IS ****
You can then select the files and use Edit>Copy ... which copies the files to a selectable destination (in a flat hierarchie, though).
or you create a text export in File>Export where you can add more or less any text (like e.g. command shell copy commands).