REQ: clear ALL comments with one command


howdy y'all,

i often get files that have 2 to 6 lines of what looks like hex data in the comments. i can't tell if it's 2-to-6 separate comments or one comment displayed as multiple lines. the 1st, i suspect. right now, i hafta clear each one in each file. [sigh ...] 30 files x 4 comments = 120 repeated actions. grrr ...

would it be possible to add a "clear all comments" to the comments field context menu?

umm, err, i have donated a little bit of money and can be talked into donating a tad more if that will help. only $5, but hopefully that mounts up ...

take care,


You wanna delete the whole comments?
Select the files, choose < Remove > from the drop down list and press [Ctrl+S]


howdy dano,

sorry for the "context menu" droplist fubar. [grin] the problem is in the droplist, as you pointed out.

however, for me, there is no "remove" item in the droplist of the comment field. there IS a "blank" item. that item doesn't blank ALL the comments in any one file and therefore doesn't blank ALL the comments in the selected files IF the files contain multiple comments in each file.

take care,


I mean < blank >. I'm not using the English language in the program so I must translate the commands and it might not fit the "official" translation.

Yet are you sure it doesn't work? Do you use "Save tag" after blank is selected?
You can also try ALT+T window


howdy dano,

considering my total inability with any language other than american english ... [grin] i certainly won't criticize you on your translations.

the "blank" command definitely does NOT work with a set of files that includes more than one comment line in a file. i THINK it's caused by the file containing multiple comments - not just comments that are displayed on multiple lines.

i did use the save tag command after making changes and that DID save the ONE LINE that had been changed. it had no effect on the other comment lines.

AH! your re-read the tags idea is one i haven't tried. thanks for the idea. [grin] now i need to wait until i get some more of those oddly commented files. i forgot to save a few to test with. [blush] i'll post back with the results when i get another set of files to test.

take care,