REQ: command line to make m3u of selected files...

The program is great and I use it in lots of ways.

One thing I do a lot is open a bunch of files and hit 'Ctrl-P' or click the toolbar icon to make an m3u playlist and then quit.

I wish I could set up a 'Send To' in Windows context menu which would automate all that: 'Create m3u in mp3tag' - just kind of like: {mp3tag.exe/p "%1,%2,%3..."} where '/p' asked the program to 'make playlist from input files according to config settings (such as %album%.m3u) and then quit'.

Thank you for this great utility...

How would you use that?

An m3u is just a list of file names. It's pretty easy to create a batch file that would create an m3u from selected files.

What I notice (I don't know if this helps) but when I select the files via Explorer and select (from right click) Mp3tag, Mp3tag opens, but it also creates a MTShell.m3u8 in my C:\Windows\Temp directory with the files selected via Explorer. Is that of any use to you ?

Note that the "Send To" feature works only with a limited number of files.


Thanks for the suggestions.

The reasons I don't prefer to use just a batch file:

  1. mp3tag can pull out the album name from the file tags as a name for the m3u
  2. Well-formed playlists are more than just a list of files, though this will work in many situations. However I encounter situations where the metadata comments are required.

Seeking a temp file is interesting but I'd find it more trouble than using mp3tag manually! Well spotted though...