REQUEST Abort, Retry, Ignore, IGNORE ALL

Would it be possible to add "Ignore All" to the message that comes up when renaming files?

I have no influence on the implementation of this feature.
I just wonder what the consequence would be.
So I start to rename a lot of files and I find that I have to click on "Ignore" a lot of times.
For me it would be an indicator that something is wrong with the way I construct the filename.
If there were an "Ignore all" then it would involve the extra step to filter for the files that have been ignored and therefore still have the old name.
Which also means that I have to run the updated procedure a second time to get all the files with the new naming pattern - and I have to treat actually all the files again as the ones renamed in the first run would not comply with the new naming scheme.
And with all that in mind I would click "Abort" after the second message box - and not "Ignore all" - and update the naming pattern.

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Possible? Yes
Useful? No

In addition to @ohrenkino's answer:
Your (Windows) File System don't let you write the same filename in the same directory twice.
You can not have two identically named files like

01 - ABBA - Waterloo.mp3
01 - ABBA - Waterloo.mp3

You can not even have two filenames with different lower/UPPERcase characters in the same Windows File System directory:

01 - ABBA - Waterloo.mp3
01 - abba - wATERlOO.mp3

Mp3tag only tell you that your current renaming action isn't valid. You should not ignore this error at all. You should revise your rename action in a way, that not two identical track name can occur in the same directory.

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