Request: Add Beatport and LastFM Web Sources

Hey Florian and Moderation Staff! I'm new over here. But briefly, I wanted to say a huge 'Thank You' for all the hard work! Users have been amazed with the features your tiny app offers and so am I! I wished I could thank more, but if I did, it just wouldn't fit to this thread, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, besides thanking you for now, I can give you some feedback, and that's what I'm going to do. I always love to feedback almost every project I know, but I just don't know if the feedback is welcomed or not. (because people usually don't reply me... <_< )

So, straight to the point... I work as a DJ, and Mp3Tag certainly saved me days of typing tags. As I'm still quite newbie to the project, I'd like to request a feature which enabled users to parse online tags (like an automated process, just gather the info) from the Websites:

Which has plenty of Electronic Music Info/Details
Also has lots of stuff about all kinds. (Incl. Electronic and more)

Discogs, MusicBrainz and Amazon are fine, but they're not so accurate about the database (with certain releases). Almost every album which is sold nowadays is released firstly on Beatport.
And that's my idea for now. I'll try to think more about some features when I learn more about the app. :wink:

Best wishes and regards! Keep up the good work! :music:

PS: I also loved the smiles and other features to format the text in your forums, hehe.

That's already possible. Browse this forum section to get more web sources

Oh, my apologies! I didn't know that people were over it, lol.

But, let me ask something else then...

I'm in a big trouble. I have like 160 gig music, but everything's just messy. Absolutely every song is in a single folder, which would take years to organize all of them manually. That happened because I had to recover files with Recuva after a misclicked action :frowning:

But, fml I found Mp3Tag, which I'm sure it's around to help people's lives. :smiley:
I was reading the manual and lots of threads talking about the Web Sources, but nothing which could simply automatically Tag all of them. So, if you don't mind to help, I'd like to get some directions to make an automated process, like a general Search by the filename and then parsing all the Tags of interest.
Is that possible?

More detailed Example:
Let's suppose the unorganized song is: deadmau5 - strobe full length version.mp3
(Let's also suppose the other tag fields are clean.)
The script makes a general search for the song, in this case the filename (which is the only info I have)... Matches the song and parses the tags like this:

Artist: deadmau5
Title: Strobe (Full Length Version)
Year: 2010
Genre: Progressive House
Album: For the Lack of a Better Name
And so on...

If there's no such thing... Is that C# the scripting language Mp3Tag uses? I can try to do it myself (I think).

Use the converter Filename - tag
with the mask
%artist% - %title%

to fill the fields ARTIST and TITLE.
If you have no further information than it will be very hard to get the other info like year, album and genre as there are too many possibilities (live, greatest, compilation, very best, original, ep etc.)

You can use Msicbrainz Picard to find some of the albums but the results are, to my experience, more than suprising (-ly bad).

So, isn't there a feature to search by the file name in a general search? :frowning:
Oh my... How am I supposed to tag more than 20k songs now!? :flushed:

But wait... Did you say that I can Convert the Filename into a tag? I guess that can solve my problem! :w00t:
I'm gonna try it out then I'll report back. :wink:


PS: Yes, I'm quite newbie to this. I've been passing years wasting my patience manually tagging files... <_<
PSS: I'm loving this forum! :laughing: