Request approach to extract track and title to tag from existing title

Hello. New user attempting to use some of the power embedded in MP3Tag. Unfortunately, I am very poor in understanding formatting, Perl , delimiting, etc. etc.
I have a large set of files that has BOTH the filename and the title formatted as
artist - album - track - title
I maintain my library in the format below using folders and files in the OS (Win10) and would like to add this LARGE group of non-conforming files into my library...

Can anyone point me to the best tutorial or outline a method to change the filename to:
'folder1 = artist
'folder2 = album
'file= track - title'

AND the title of the file tag to be JUST the song's title without the other information it now carries.

So far I have thoroughly confused myself with creating actions, using export to .csv, formatting the csv and then attempting to import the .csv - with no joy creating anything workable or creating new folders, manually stripping the title field to be ONLY the song title then saving it (works but tedious when there's GOT to BE a Better Way).

Thanks in advance for any leads, pointers or examples to accomplish my goal(s) or tell me what MP3Tag can't do...

See e.g. the documenation:

Try Convert>Filename-Tag
Mask: %artist%\%album%\%title%

Thank You! I had not found that section. It appears to be exactly what I needed!

Just to be clear, it does appear that you do not already have the correctly stored information for Artist Album Track and Title stored in their correct tag fields, since you stated that your current title field matches this long filename structure. If not, you can first use the Action Guess Values to place them from this filename like so.
Source format: %_filename%
Guessing pattern: %artist% - %album% - %track% - %title%

Once these are set up correctly, you can use the suggestion from @ohrenkino to update your folder\filename structure.

My file's Title column directly duplicates the Filename column and some track info is missing. everything I need is (mostly) separated by 'space hyphen space'
I'm working my way through the files now converting filenames to tags (very few errors as only a few have a space hyphen space inside a field...) then converting tags to filenames to put the files into their respective `\artist\album\track - title' structure.
Thanks for quick reply and I love the Action 'Guess Values". Man, talk about powerful!

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