REQUEST: Auto resize columns option


I asked how to do this over 10 years ago (ahem) and thankfully the keyboard shortcut even then made it into help.

But because these days I'm an occasional mp3tag user, I still forget it!
But having an option to do this automatically would really help lots of dragging column delimiters around, trying to show on-screen which pesky tag is non-compliant!
And then having to do it all over again with another album ...

(Also the function still ignores (and hence) truncates column headers which then requires more column resizing, so it would be nice to have that fixed too)

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You have my vote

An ability to quickly extend a Column to reveal all of a given tag field [and then also a counter ability to revert to the previous width] would save me a looooooooot of time and clicks

And a complete solution to this issue could be somewhere along these lines:

Tx for the vote. My use case would be solved with just an option to view all the tag (and column header) data by default, and might be easier to implement than a full blown tag view profile plus switcher feature which IIUC is what your use case needs?

Yes, your proposition is a lot simplier one