REQUEST: auto select number of GB

I already find the indicator in the lower right corner very useful.
Yet, it would be great to be able to select any number of GBs (ex: 25, 50, 89.1, 100, 128) for archiving purposes.
Once selected, there would be just the fine adjustment (by folder/album, etc.) manually with the shift key.
Is there an actual way to do that without changing or adding anything to MP3tag that I missed?
Thank you guys.

Would the selection then archive all files found in the folders or only those that are visible in MP3tag?
I fear that a backup only of the files that are visible in MP3tag would lead to missing data in no time, e.g. if files like folder.jpg, karaoke lyrics files, and other baggage files would not be part of the backup.
Where would the counting of GB start? At the beginning of the list or at the currently selected file?
What kind of sort criteria would be mandatory?

All files including the support files. That is not really a problem because I use actions to transfer the files to another directory before archiving these files into iso that are numbered. It just that there are many to select for each BDXL to be created (700~900 albums). I just want to select the files quickly. Anyway, I have to check every BDXL folder manually before burning them. Yes, usually I start from the beginning of the folder. Then, I would continue from where I finished from the preceding batch. If not possible, then I would refresh the view. I always sort with the path. No other criteria since all the fields I want are filled up.