request: auto-size columns

Considering how many columns there are possible with MP3tag, an auto-size option for columns would be extremely useful.

If you double-click on the right divider of a column its width is adapted to the maximum required width.
It does not work automatically and cannot be set (as it cannot for most applications that use the windows table library).
I also would guess that an automatic adaptation would lead to an almost unusable GUI if you apply massive changes to individual fields via actions and the width gets adapted dynamically.

In addition, there's a standard windows shortcut Ctrl + Numeric Keypad + to auto-size all columns at once.

That's great, thnx, still learning every day...

(considering my memory and lazyness, and for new users, it still might be an option to put it in the context menu below 'customize columns' on right-click on columns)

what does it mean? suppose i want to make the all column width to 8 in microsoft excel what should i do? pressing the control btn and the digit 8 on the keypad ....?

Have a look at the Excel help to see the Excel functions.
BTW: this is mainly the MP3tag forum and any advice is usually directly related to this program. I think Microsoft has a fairly extensive knowledge base on their own.

I at first was confused too, but it means: press [Ctrl] together with the [+] key on the right of the keypad.
I don't believe it has the same functionality in MP3Tag as in Excel though.