[Request] Blinking hurts my eyes

Every time I switch to MP3TAG app from a different app, it refreshes/redraws the screen and "blinks." This hurts my eyes and is quite disturbing when exposed repeatedly. I hope it does not blink anymore when switched from a different app.

Also I would prefer if the directory will be placed in the bottom or almost at the end of the list, as it was in version 3.17.

Which list are you referring to?
Already now you can move the fields in the tag panel to a position of your liking. See the Options Ctrl-OTag Panel.

I think redrawing of application windows is handled by a program called DWM (desktop windows manager) which is part of the OS. So, the only way around would be to open only 1 application at a time.

This is not the norm. I switch windows all the time when Mp3tag is open, never had this issue.