REQUEST: Cancel button for Actions groups

Right now in Mp3tag the window of Action groups provides us with option of:

  • Utils
  • OK
  • Close
  • Help

What about "Cancel"?

It seems also that there is no difference between OK and Close- after deleting some action group, if the user clicks either of them the this window gets closed and deletion of action group is permanent. So how is the user suppose to reverse a mistake of deletion of a whole group? We can cancel a deletion of any action within any group, but not a deletion of a whole group? This should be ammended

In version 3.05 I have spotted that the Actions window can pop-up now a question

Configuration of actions groups has changed
Do you want to save the changes?

when the X icon in its top right corner is clicked. So that would be a step in the direction that I have proposed

Unfortunately there are two issued with this:

1] Clicking Close button does not produce a box with the same question - thus this is inconsistent behavior

2] The cancellation simply does not work - it accepts the user's confirmation of Cancel choice but then ignores it completely [allowing for changes to occur]

Could you elaborate on how you see the correct way?
Still, I do not think that you will get a rollback mechanism that undoes all the changes that you committed after initially opening the actions dialogue.

Seems like there is a mix of previous observations, current observations and some wrong observations in this topic, so I want to clarify the current behavior:

  1. Close closes the action groups dialog and asks to save changes in case some changes where made to the selection status or the order of the action groups. This also happens if you use the [x] close button of the dialog or press the Esc key.

  2. Apply applies the currently enabled action groups to the currently selected files.

  3. Cancel is intentionally left out, because there is no such functionality available. It would require undoing of all the changes you perform on this dialog, including editing of individual actions and deletion of those and action groups. This is not planned at the moment.

Now it is plain clear

But then again, why

when in a matter of fact that X icon it is unable to stop those changes from being saved?

Plus I would not be me if I would not make some suggestions, right?

AD 1
Changing Close to Close & Save or Save & Close. This way it will inform of its double meaning

AD 2
Changing Apply to Apply to file(s). This way it will be clear to what the applying is to occur

AD #3
Adding an info somewhere there saying Cancel option is not available (yet) would make the things super clear. And in the future: maybe a temporary copy of C:\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag\data\actions could be created and used [brought back] when the user cancels operation that were performed on actions in that window?

I think this is the misunderstanding: Configuration here means checked/unchecked state and/or order of the action groups in the dialog. It does not mean any other changes that are already saved, e.g., adding/editing/deleting of action groups.

This would fall into the category of Cancel:

And so you can see for yourself: it is all confusing even for a user with a lot of experience. And what bout all the newbies?

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