REQUEST: column for icons

As apparently there is no way of doing so right now [/t/18375/1], I would like to request ability to create additional columns bearing the icons of files

It should work just like every other column, so should be defined by "Value", "Field" and "Sort by". This could be use for recognizing files format visually [given that the user has a different icon for different files format], so that there would be no need of reading file extensions

There already is a [default] icon column, but it is not movable and cannot be defined. And such one column on the far left is sometimes just not enough [especially when you working on two screens or on one but ultrawide]

Wouldn't the information about the codec
be much more informative than a rather small icon?
A column with %_codec% could be repeated as often as you like and is there already.

It takes to much horizontal space and you can't apply colors to codecs, while to icons you can

Using codecs column would be the same as reading extension of files

You can use expressions that lead to special symbols depending on the codec. So the column would have to be only one character wide.

The aspect of colourwould assume that you can choose the icon - which you currently can't.

This icon-column at the left side mainly serves other purposes than recognizing file formats.
At least for me it has the main purpose to randomly sort the files for the use to create a playlist. This also comes very useful if you use an external mediaplayer (Car-Player, MP3-Player ...) that is not able to play files randomly.
I like for instance to hear music outdoors while reading with my Kindle-Bookreader and plug my earphones to the Kindle without the need to use an additional mediaplayer. As the Kindle is very limited is its abilities and can only play files in the sequence on which the files were copied to to it, I now and then load files in MP3Tag, sort them randomly with the help of this icon-column, and copy them to my Kindle.

At the moment Mp3Tag can show only the icon of the default-media-player for the file-extension.
It will only show different icons if you define different players for the mediafile-extension:
For instance VLC for MP3, Foobar for FLAC, Groove for WMA ...

So your requested feature would be an mp3tag-specific ability to define icons for filetypes ignoring the windows settings for the icon of filetypes.

Just for better understanding:
Do you mean by symbols just some character-based symbols as I know no way to show icons in the column view?

Yes, just text based.

Well, not in Mp3tag. Not everything is and should be achievable in it

As for a system using the first letter from the %_codec% column, it would fall apart the minute there are two codecs with the same letter

And for me personally [aside from being inferior to color coding by icons ] it would make things less clear, because I already use letters for mark quality of files; and numbers for genres and some other temporary markers in form of letters / numbers / signs


Mp3tag should not care how your icons / associations look like. It is up to user how to manage them; and to make the best of it, in witch mu suggested option would help

Mp3tag should give you this ability to make further better usage of your overall system. If you do not use different players for different formats, do not use player that uses different icons for different formats, didn't made icon adjustments to file formats in registry- then you'll find this whole recognition-by-icon-in-column probably useless, because you have one icon for all audio files

I do not want to abolish / change first column; although I would also wish I could move it around and / or turn it off. I propose multiplying it [should the need arise] and make the clones definable just like others columns

The suggestion of Ohrenkino did not refer to the first letter of a codec but to selfdefined symbols for different codec:
a = mp3
b = flac
c = wma

The fact is that Mp3Tag relies on the windows-settings for icons. If you don't want to rely on these settings Mp3Tag has to get the ability to use different icons for different file-extensions and there is need for mapping-settings that the user has to define.
There is nothing to object to such an ability, you just should know what has to be done by the software-engeneering.
Therefore I don't know why you write

To achieve your goal it is of course necessary that Mp3Tag cares about different internal icons and ignores system-icons.

Your intention is to allow icon-columns to be defined by the user.
Forget the multiplying because I told you that the present icon-column has a special behaviour in sorting (random) that you sure would not want als default for selfdefined columns.

Once again, in other words, with the background

  • User can set a column named X, show in it values from tag field Y, but sort it by field Z. A whole lot of combination is possible, simple and complex
  • User can repeat exact same column, but name it X2
  • User can set a second column named X2, but showing and behaving differently than a first column bearing a name X2
  • User can move around these columns and adjust their width

So why cannot be there a user created column or columns with the Value set to %_icon%, with no connection to that very first column?

And here is an example, how different files format associated with one software can still look differently:

This distinction by color is done by ACDSee itself and is maintained in the whole system. But such clarity could also be achieved outside the ACDSee, with manual changes to the registry by user, icon after icon, or with a help of tool like FileTypesMan. And if someone has or likes to use another player for a particular format, than that user by default already has two kind of audio icons in the system

I never doubted that this is a possible solution. In your example it is ACDSee that cares about these icons and all I wrote was that your request requires that Mp3Tag has to care about different icons.
It was you who wrote that Mp3Tag should not care about.