REQUEST: confirmation message for moving files

Under the
Tools > Options > Messages
there is no option for displaying a confirmation message for moving files. And as "Move" and "Copy" are next to each other under the right click menu, it is easy to accidentally click the wrong one. And as [I do not know on what basis] Mp3tag sometimes removes moved files from the list in the main window and sometimes do not, I sometimes have to way of telling if they really were moved [or just copied; or moved instead of being copied]

And yes, a slip of a pointer is possible. I have many actions that put tag values in form of a code-word. And when I put multiple tag / words, each with a different actions from the drop down menu, not so rarely as I wish do I see that a wrong was putted [a one that was adjacent to the right one on the list]

And on the side note: that "Copy" from the right click menu has a misleading name. It should be called "Copy To..."; and only then here should be an option called "Copy" [which would make the selected files available to be pasted from the clipboard]

I am not really sure how much feedback one needs for such a function.
After you have selected one of the functions (and you are not really sure what you did), you get a folder selection dialogue with a dialogue title that either says
"Copy to:"
"Move to:"

You then have to browse through the folder tree to find the target folder.
And then you have to click on the button at the bottom "Select folder" or double-click.
And all the time you see the dialogue title that describes the function.
Oh, well...

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  • When I am laying on a bed reading a book and at the same time going through my music, it is hard for me to see from afar what exactly was chosen
  • You cannot see what file?
  • That I can see as I have it selected and thus highlighted horizontally and / or I can click it once again to be played just to be sure and on top of that usually I also have some kind of filter expression pasted in the filter box
  • So you cannot see what option you selected, move or copy?
  • That's it, that I can hardly see
  • So why don't you just get up every time, adjust the screen so that it will be suited for the working position, sit down in front of the screen and then choose move or copy; and then revert the screen and yourself to the previous positions?
  • That is a great idea!
  • Or alternatively why don't you stop reading books?
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Oh, well... how about if someone copies 90% of the time to the same folder and moves 80% of the time to the same folder? But because of those 10-20% cases that need a change, things can get mixed up all the time, especially under a heavy workload?

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If I didn't have constant empirical data coming out from the problem with adjacent actions, I would probably hesitate to bring such request up. But I have, so I do not

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I only wanted to draw your attention to the fact that you are not left alone by MP3tag.
You do not have to remember what you just selected - the information is right there, you only have to notice it.
So, actually, MP3tag tries to help you. And this help is already there.
Adding further help, on the other hand, might not add to the user-friendliness but actually have the opposite effect.
And, with routine setting in, I fear that once you get used to that extra message box, you hit Return or click OK without further registering the message in the message box.
But for other user, who do read the dialogues thoroughly, for them the extra message box is probably a nuisance and leads to the opposite impression, that of utter user-un-friendliness.

The usual idea to add another option might also not be the optimum solution as there are some users who are

We'll see what the future brings.

I understand both copy and move functions in the secondary click menu, when called from a Mp3tag filelist entry, as simple calls to the built in Windows standard functions, and they work as designed.


If there woud be a message for moving and not for coping, such message would clearly tell me that I am moving and not coping; it would avert the errors coming out from a slip of a hand [pointer]

Right now if I copy instead of moving- the only harm is a little disorder, reversible at anytime

But if I move instead of coping- I could possibly loose a file forever, never even realizing it

I think I do not understand you. Or I got some weird Windows 95 / 98 / XP / 7, in which choosing "copy" from the list in under the right click menu on a file just putted information about it in the clipboard and did not evoke a box with a destination for copying to

Hmm, I am just using Mp3tag v2.83e on Win XPpro, and after a secondary mouse click on a Mp3tag filelist entry and selecting the menu option "Copy...", then there opens a dialog named in german "Ordner suchen" (search for target folder). There is also an info text "Copy to:" in the top area of the dialog window.
In the foldertree window the current folder is selected.
Additionally there are three buttons "Create new folder", "OK", "Abort" at the bottom line of the dialog window.

When selecting the menu option "Move...", there is an info text "Move to:", and everything else is the same as in the "Copy" dialog window.

Both dialogs are Windows standard functions, Mp3tag just calls them, and they work as designed.


Have a look at the folderpath shown in the Mp3tag window header line.
When a file has been moved to a folder outside of the current scope, then it could hardly be a member of the current filelist in Mp3tag any longer.


Well, my Windows Explorer in Windows 7 x64 does not have "Move", just the "Copy". And that copy works just like the shortcut CTRL + C; no window appears to choose the location for coping [to somewhere]

So my Mp3tag cannot evoke Move option from shell because it does not exist there; and also the Copy is not evoked from shell OS shell menu, because that in Mp3tg works in a different way than in Windows Explorer
Mp3tag does not call anything from available functions from the Windows operating system

I did not pointed to the explorer context menu.
I have spoken about the context menu within the Mp3tag filelist, ... like you, ... within your opening post.


The Move dialog is indeed present in Explorer in Windows 7. Select a file and choose Edit>Move to Folder to see it.

That conclusion is way too broad. Additional dialogs are available from the Windows API (Application Programming Interface). The API provides file and other dialogs that any developer can include in applications that they write. The dialogs can be run from a context menu or otherwise. Many API dialogs can be customized.

Of course, file dialogs can also be created from scratch and made to look like the API dialogs. Only an experienced developer would have a chance of detecting whether an application is using a customized API dialog or one created from scratch.

Using Mp3tag 2.83e on Win XP, within the Mp3tag filelist, the secondary mouse click opens a menu dialog, ...
and there within the file related area, ...
there are offered two options:

  • open a copy sub-dialog, named as "Copy...",
  • open a move sub-dialog, named as "Move...".

Each option opens a system search folder dialog, having it's own specific description, ...
"Copy to:" resp. "Move to:".

Well, no one is immune to accidents, if you accidentally choosed the wrong sub-dialog, then you can cancel the process, go back, and choose the right one.


Ctrl + Shift + V Move file
Ctrl + Shift + C Copy file

Whats to mess up here. Or even the other method tbh. Not every one reads books in bed and tags music at the same time.

If you're having difficulty seeing the text use the magnifying glass in windows.

I've just started using autohotkey and I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult to write a ahk file for a long press of the RMB to move and MMB to copy which would only be registered while MP3tag is the foreground app.

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