Request: Cursor Navigation

Hi guys,

I've been using Mp3tag for a few versions now (since v2.31 I think) and find it very useful for editing information that WMP misses or sets incorrectly.

I find WMPs ability to navigate from track to track, whilst editing, using the up and down cursor keys very useful and would like to see this in Mp3tag.

Any chance of you guys supporting this feature?

Many thanks and keep up the good work.



Hi Steve,

we have [Ctrl+N] and [Ctrl+Shift+N] for this :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Cheers for the reply Florian - it is much appreciated.

Unfortunately, it only moves the selection and not the edit box if you are currently editing a field - As such you then have to go back to the mouse and click the item to edit it :frowning:

Kind Regards


Use [F2], [Tab], [Shift+Tab] and [Enter] :slight_smile:

Cheers for the tips - although a little confusing.

I find TAB and SHIFT-TAB work really well when editing but next / previous line is a bit clunky - you have to hit ENTER after editing which takes you to the next line, then you have to hit CTRL-N / CTRL-SHIFT N depending on where you want to go then F2 again to start editing.

I guess it works... which is better than nothing :wink:

But if you use WMP11 and see how simple the navigation is whilst editing - you can perhaps understand my original request.