REQUEST: Dark Theme

+1 A dark theme or better, a user configuable theme is welcomed.

A User theme would only require setting about 4 or 5 values:

  • list base color
  • list banding color
  • font color
  • toolbar/menubar color
  • maybe a font picker :smiley:

A dark theme would be preferable. People with young eyes may not care about it, but people with older, easily tired eyes would appreciate it. It is definitely not merely aesthetics. During the day? Maybe not too much of a problem, but at night it most definitely is. Win10 Night Light mode helps, but never as much as a true native, darker (not black or high-contrast) skin.

Sorry if this may be considered "necroposting," but creating a new post for this singular topic seems wasteful.


W10's dark mode API apparently isn't available to non-UWP based programs, hence why most of them don't support it and we're left with the strange state in W10 where some programs support it and others don't.

There are a few options I've seen:

  • First would be to patch the Windows theming to support unsigned visual styles and add a dark visual style (odd that Microsoft doesn't include one of their own tbh). This can be done on earlier Windows versions as well though it's up to the user whether they trust the patcher.

  • A workaround for non-UWP programs I came across was posted about on Stackoverflow and also a working example on Github which demonstrates an undocumented dark mode API introduced in Windows 10 1809. It would be up to the dev's discretion whether to implement this given it's not officially supported.

  • Implement a custom skin to the program. Programs such as MPC-HC for example appear to implement their own dark mode separate from the user's OS setting. However since it's not universal to the OS I can understand why various programs don't consider it a 'pure' approach (eg: foobar2000's developer, though in that case the alternate theming plugin Columns UI does support full skinning).

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I am in the exact same position. I'm getting a little older and my eyes are not as good as they used to be. It's getting hard to read very small text, especially when it is dark text on a white background. I have Windows and all my other apps set to Dark Mode (almost everything supports it now). When I started Mp3tag, it was like being blasted in the eyes with a spotlight. I felt like I need to put on sunglasses to use it. That's sad, because I finally gave up on my old tagger and want to use Mp3tag quite a lot in its place. These days almost every app I see has a Dark Mode option - it seems hard to believe it's that difficult when apps that are far smaller and much less popular have implemented it.

It's been some time since I did any coding, but though I can see there might still be minor issues in doing it in a fancy way to support Windows etc. But it doesn't have to be done the super-elegant and completely integrated way. You don't have to make it use the Official Windows Method, or design support for themes in general. But what is preventing a less fancy but very effective solution? Something philosophically like this?

IF DarkMode = On
BGcolor = Dark Gery
Textcolor = white

It may well be much harder than I think, but to my simple brain it seems like that would be possible. And Frankly I view this as an accessibility issue because it is hard to use for people with vision impairment. I think lots of people would appreciate it if you gave it a shot again. As I said, almost every app on my desktop has a Dark Mode now, and some of them are pretty cheesy, way lee advanced than Mp3tag. Maybe ask around some programming sites?

Anyways, thanks.

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I've added support for Dark Mode with the latest version Mp3tag v3.09 (starting with Windows 10).


Great feature, but a choose if the dark theme will be used will be fantastic, some like:

( ) Use Windows Dark Theme settings
( ) Always use Dark Theme
( ) Always user Bright Theme (classic)

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I was just about to create a topic suggesting this very thing:

As much as I like the inclusion of a dark mode in v3.09, could you please provide an option to toggle the dark mode in an upcoming version (I don't see a way to do so)? I'd like to use the light mode.

I use dark mode as my system setting, but I find Mp3tag's original light theme to be more visually clear. The main advantage of the original theme for me is that the tag panel's text fields have a white background and the tag panel itself is grey, giving better better separation between the black text used for a field's name, and the black text used for a field's contents.

The new dark theme on the other hand uses white text on a black background for both the field name and its contents, which isn't as clear, especially with field names which are long (it ends up looking like a wall of text between the field names and contents).

For example:


Another criticism would be that it's not as easy to tell that files are selected once you click into the tag panel. Maybe something could also be done about this? Currently, files are highlighted in blue before changing focus to the tag panel, but after doing so, the highlight turns to a dark grey (almost the same as the file list's background).

This is especially annoying when it is all files that are selected and the file list is longer than the available view. Technically, one could look for the presence of any grid lines (none = files are selected), but if the selected files could dim to be a darker share of blue (when tag panel has focus), or maybe to not as dark of a dark grey as is current, it would be helpful. I don't recall it being as ambiguous in the light theme.

For example, it's hard to tell which files are selected (files 3-7 are selected):


Thanks for your efforts, @Florian!


I, too, would like to see this. I run Mp3tag on Linux using Wine, so I don't have the Windows system setting.

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+1 to this, would be absolutely essential for a toggle to be added.

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Thank you so much for this feature Florian!

Though I do have to agree with above posters that a toggle to choose which theme to use independently of the OS setting would be a great option to have.

For example this is how MusicBrainz Picard has it (they also only recently added the support for dark mode, default is using the OS theme):


After choosing your option and confirming the options dialog, a confirmation popup is displayed which tells your that you need to restart the app in order for the change to take effect.


could be implemented for w7 too?
i would like it a lot
thanks Florian

@rama You ask for new features for a no more supported OS?

After January 14, 2020, PCs running Windows 7 no longer receive security updates. Therefore, it's important that you upgrade to a modern operating system such as Windows 10, which can provide the latest security updates to help keep you and your data safer. In addition, Microsoft customer service is no longer available to provide Windows 7 technical support.

yes i know there is no more support , i did pay for w7
I still run on a laptop
if it could added it's welcome ...

Support this feature! Make the ability to choose a light theme!


I also don't like the 'Dark Mode', and I want the option to revert to 'Light Mode'.

The other way to achieve this, is to install MP3Tag v3.08 again (the version without dark mode) :slight_smile:

I've added an option to choose color mode between dark, light, and default with Mp3tag v3.09a. Please test thoroughly, I plan to release an official version soon.


What's the difference between Dark & Default?

Default = like surrounding Windows theme


Dark Mode and Default (w Windows 10 Dark Mode) are really great - congratulations on a big feature improvement.
One request:
The main window highlight color for selected tracks (or selecting All with Control-A) is a very dark blue which makes it difficult to distinguish between selected and unselected tracks. Please increase the contrast for selected tracks a little bit.
NOTE 1: When you click in the tag panel, the background of selected tracks changes to medium brown/grey which is fine. I just would like a little more contrast in the blue color before clicking in the tag window.
NOTE 2: The bright outline box for the single last selected track does not solve the issue when multiple tracks are selected.

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