Request: Don't scan network drive on startup



Great program. I use it to manage the tags in all my music files. I have one small request regarding startup behaviour though.

I have my music files stored on both my computer hard drive and a NAS (network attached drive). Most of the time my NAS is asleep and the hard drive spun down. When I start the MP3Tag program however, it always accesses the NAS and causes the hard drive to spin up. I have set default startup directory to a local hard drive folder so i am not sure why the program needs to access the NAS.

If possible, I would prefer MP3Tag to not access my NAS until I expressly open a folder on the NAS. Just a small nuisance I know.

Thank you.


The question is whether Mp3tag accesses the NAS or the explorer (and therefore Windows) does it.
If you have mounted the NAS as a network drive (with a drive letter) then it behaves just like any other (local) drive and the explorer expects it to respond when there is an access to the file system.
If you use an ad hoc connection and scan the network environment to access the path then you won't have the trouble, I think.


Set a Favorite Directory on your always-spinning drive, and set MP3Tag to always start in that directory. I have a blank directory under the MP3Tag program file folder for just this purpose.

Similarly, my browser home page is about:blank :laughing:


Thanks ohrenkino and flaminio for your suggestions.

I don't have my NAS mapped to a drive letter, I access it adhoc (via UNC).

I have set MP3Tag to always start in a local hard drive folder.

The issue still persists. I have isolated the problem to the list of 10 previously accessed directories which is saved in the config file. When the list of previous directories includes only local folders (no NAS directories), then I can start the MP3Tag program and it will not wake up my NAS.

However, if one of the 10 previously accessed directories was a NAS directory, then the NAS is woken when MP3Tag starts.

So, does anyone know if this behaviour can be changed by a Option setting? I have not seen an obvious setting to change.