REQUEST: Drag & drop text to edit boxes

Been meaning to request this for a while.

But it's simple really. Select text in your browser or other SW that allow it and drag that to edit boxes. Much like how it behaves in word, notepad++ any other softwares which involve text strings.

Would save a LOT of copy and pasting.

So, it's a drag n Drop text request from me.


Major use would be dragging text from fields to the filter box for rapid filtering.


With CTRL it could add; while without CTRL being pushed it would replace the data [just like it is with files on the list in the main window]

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I don't think it would be possible to move the text from another program without a bit of hacking like cutting that text and starting the drag op but what if the user cancels the drag halfway there wouldn't be an easy way to undo that in the other program. I could be wrong.

As for your idea for the request - it could be expanded I think

How about if we could add this feature also to the shell menu - available via right click in Windows Explorer and other file-managers? and be able to re-cofigure it as we like [similar to what we can do with Actions and Tools]?

And going even further: what if we could select a single file, choose an additional Mp3tag entry from this context menu and see then name of that file in the Filter Box? That would also save a lot of time

Not sure I follow you.

In other word: integration of shell menu with Mp3tag

Right now we only have Mp3tag in right click menu that just send selected file[s]to it when selected from the list - while in Mp3tag we have so many available features definable by the user. So why should not we be able to configure our shell by adding some Mp3tag features to it?

I for example am using two audio converters that can add entries to shell: NCH Switch Sound File Converter Plus and dBpoweramp Music Converter. And it saves me so much time that do not want to use ever again converters that do not provide such option-able features to the context menu

That's seems completely unrelated to this request. Maybe I'm missing something?

It's related in that sense that Mp3tag is integrated with the rest of operating system only by that single entry in the shell and by the Tools > Options > Tools feature - but that could and should be changed [i.e. expanded]

Best create a new thread for that seeing as this is for something else.