Request: Dropdown lists in Extended Tags dialogue like in Tag Panel

I would like the dropdown lists in the extended tags dialogue to behave like the ones in the tag panel.
I mean by that that the user can see which data is already there also for varying entries.
Right now it only possible to the existing information if it differs from track to track or to see the contents if it is the same.
It is not possible to select one of the many entries and set that one as master for the rest.
I wonder which internal reason lead to the difference in implementation.

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Just wondering: how many entries does a dropdown list allow anyway?
Right now, with the introduction of the library function, it is possible to load more than 100,000 files at once. And there are fields like TITLE in the tag panel that would then have to present a list of more than 100,000 titles in the drop-down list.
Hardly a sensible approach and also potentially dangerous.
Can the tag panel list cope with such amounts of data?