REQUEST: Duplicate button for Columns

Some time ago I have made propositions for upgrading of the Column functions:

And now I have a new idea how to make Mp3tag even more user friendly

How about adding a duplicate button within the window of Columns? That could speed up creation of new columns when the user wants to make a new one based on a already exiting code. And I am talking here about situations like when you have something complex like

$if(%ARTIST%,$if(%ALBUM%,$if(%ALBUMARTIST%,'+ OK +','- Album Artist'),'- Album'),'- Artist')

You would have then [in the duplicated thus newly created column] that already working content and could easily replace those tag fields with different one, minimizing a chance for errors and additional clicking / keyboard keys pressing [when going back and forth between the old and new column]. That would save time

Just think about the duplicate icon in the Action groups- that is the same functionality; and yet we have than function only in that place and not in management windows of Columns

So many nice upgrades since then we saw since the beginning of 2018, some even implemented piratically right away like the ones concerning the sizes of fields in the Tag Panel- and yet with this the situation is still the same

When creating new actions we can select an exiting one in the Actions Group window and simply hit the "Duplicate" icon. So why is not there a similar user friendly time saving option in the Columns window, aside from the already existing buttons New, Delete, Move up, Move down and Hide?