REQUEST: edit fields for user-defined fields +


I know you must be pretty busy so sorry for bothering you...
Just wanted to know: how soon can we see "edit fields for user-defined and extended tag fields"?

I run and we use MP3Tag extensively. As far as we are concerned, the "Tags..." function is the single most important function that has been added to MP3Tag since we started using it a few years ago. And the day you add edit fields to the left pane for user-defined and extended tag fields, we will erect a statue in your honour.

Additonally we would like to be able to save album covers in our audio files, like SoftPointer Tag&Rename allows us to. In fact if we got that fuction... we would never have to use Tag&Rename ever again.

Pushing the envelope a little... another funtion that would just make MP3Tag our ONLY software for editting tags, would be to search for album purchase link based on our Amazon reseller ID. Then we would pilgrim to your doorsteps and worship you for life :stuck_out_tongue:

We don't make any money, so we can't pay for your time to make these features a priority, but we do have a nicely placed logo of yours with a link to your site all over our site :wink:.


Do you have information how to search for the links?
I could write a web sources script for this..


I hunted the web and came up with this:
I have a feeling you'll be able to figure it out from what you find at that link. More specific: :wink:

P.S. you should probably see these links too: