Request: enable markdown or rich text in multiline fields

I tend to use MP3tag mostly for editing metadata in podcast episodes. It would be great to be able to add or edit formatted marked text in the podcast/episode description, particularly for links and bulleted lists and HTML links.


The fields usually accept plain text - and as RTF and HTML are also plain text formats, it should be no problem to enter the text.

Whether the target player can interpret that text is a completely different thing.

Please note that there are dedicated fields for URLs.

What I'm requesting is an option for editing marked down text in a WYSIWIG view (bold text shows bold, bulleted lists are indented, etc.)

Where the current input field is raw text, it would be nice to be able to see how it will actually look, either in place or in a popup window.

For example, When I paste a marked down snippet into the description field from StackEdit, it seems to be swallowing line feeds.



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And endo-of-line is characterized by Carriage Return and Line Feed characters. If one is missing, then you may not see the line break.

Even if there were an editor that hides from you the format instructions: which target player would be able to make sense of it if the field specification in the id3 standard only says "plain text"?

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