REQUEST: Encode Playlist as Unicode/UTF-8


(note: I haven't found any related topic through search or the FAQ section)

I own the SONY Network Walkman NW-A25 and it does not support playlists created by mp3tag since they are encoded as ANSI.
After playlist creation I have to manually open the playlist (as text file) with Notepad++ and convert the encoding format to UTF-8-BOM. Only then the playlist is recognized by my player.

What about an option for the encoding format of saved playlists?

see the options for exports:

if you create a report that results in a playlist, you can set the encoding.

Yeah, but that requires some coding skills ... and having this option built right away into mp3tag would make life much easier.

I'll take a look at the export function though.

you could have a look at: /t/13912/1

Go to Options > Playlist and change the extension of the playlist filename to m3u8

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