REQUEST: expand selection in the Filter box

Right now a left double click in the Filter box will select only one word / continuous set of strings:
1 click - focus is made
2 clicks - nearest word is selected

I propose to adjust that behavior:
3 clicks - whole expression is selected

Right now this has to be done manually, by either pressing the left button and then dragging the mouse pointer horizontally or by pressing CTRL + A

Alternatively instead of 3 quick clicks it could be a second quick double click, performed any time after the first double click selects one word

Sounds good. Would be the same behavior as word processors and browsers.

Or if the cursor is not in the filter-line you can click outside the line in the surrounding of the filter like on "Filter:" or anywhere in the filter-line-sorrounding.

Or you can double press F3.

But not if you already have selected a word with a double click or the cursors is in the Filter. Then you have to click elsewhere first and only the clicking on the "Filter" sign will select everything

That I did not know

But it is similar to the CTRL + A method

So how about utilizing that big Filter: sign then?

The area it occupies could be turned into a detection zone - that when clicked would select all of the content in the Filter