Request: Filter history enhancements

  1. Would like to be able to pin/unpin commonly used expressions in the history list.

  2. Have an option to clear all filter history items instead of one at a time, while leaving pinned items alone.

Thanks for your consideration.



Is 5 years too soon? :smiley:

Don't know.
Perhaps you have a look at this thread that describes a local solution to keep a sort of history plus explanation:
Not quite the same as pinning but perhaps with a similar result.

Thanks ohrenkino! I do that already though.

I could also suggest saving the filter history in a user editable format.

e.g. filters.ini file

So we can change the contents and order of items.

Please Florian!!


I've added an option to manage the filter list with Mp3tag v3.14b. This also includes pinned filters that are then made available as dedicated entries via the filter helper menu.

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