Request for additional(s) album list view format


When I look the Mp3tag window, it is filled with strings... and most of them are identical!

The idea would be to have an alternative way to edit and check the tags.
Based on %album% tag or directories, a single line could summarize an album.

Columns could display tag values and allow their modification and thus all tracks in the album/directories would be updated in a single step.

In a second step, when a line would be clicked, it could be expanded and its tracks displayed!
At last and optionally, Albums' art could be displayed for each line :wink:


PS: Mp3tag is really a great application!

This would require MP3tag to be able to group files according to a user-set criterium. This is currently not possible. MP3tag does not know anything about a file's predecessor or follower.
Yet, most of the functions you requested can be found:
To edit e.g. an album name, proceed as follwos:
Select a number of tracks,
Enter the new name in the corresponding field in the tag panel
Press Save.

Or finding a certain album: apply a filter like
%album% HAS Greatest

Also, if the columns you see are not the data you like, you can set which columns should be shown and hidden as well as in which order they should appear. In this way you could move the less interesting columns further to the right.

Thank you for the quick answer!

I understand your explanations and use Mp3tag like you suggest for a long time...
It is why I did this request :slight_smile:

However, I find it unfortunate that people which organize their folders in a logical manner can not take advantage of more advanced features...

One day perhaps :wink:

Thanks again for making mp3tag exist!