Request for better handling of multiple embedded images

I would like to start some kind of brainstorming how the handling of embedded images could be enhanced.
Definitely on my wish list would be functions

  • to set image types via actions,
  • switch one type of image to another with an action,
  • remove only specific images of a certain type with an action,
  • treat images like multi-value fields so that one could see e.g. all the types of embedded images with a function like $meta_sep(_cover_type,\) in a files list column
  • get away from the order "1st, 2nd, 3rd" to an addressing system that uses the type of an image.
  • set the image description for more than just one file at a time (and also remove the description) as well as action as a function in the tag panel.

Right now some of the functions are there but only for a single file at a time, the only way to determine the image type with an action is during import so that a lot of manipulations rely on the detour via the file system - it should be much easier to do the manipulation of image tag attributes within MP3tag.

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In addition to your list I would like to see some kind of image resolution manipulation possibilities.
It should be possbile to set an embedded cover to a defined resolution without additional 3rd party tools.
At least a "shrink this embedded cover to this resolution"-command would be great.

If "shrink" then why not "scale up"? Or simply just: "resize" [with at least an option of a fixed ratio of 1:1]

Somebody might want to make them bigger, because how a given player shows them. Even if that would mean "pixelizing" them [but small increases like to 120% of original are pretty much of the same quality / readability]

And with that would nicely go along implementation of these features:

I would like to emphasize that the functions that I had in mind only deal with the container of the embedded image - and not with the image itself.
My request is not the attempt to make MP3tag into a graphics program.