Request For Development

firstly, let me start off by congratulating you on a GREAT app - mp3tag cant be beaten for reliability, simplicity of use and best of all features!

the fact that this app is open source, free and has better features than most commercial products is a credit to just how much work has been put into it.

this post is just to raise a few idea's that if implemented in a future build would make my life a bit easier (im currently re-tagging 11000mp3's to a common standard)

1: ability to adjust where the 'cddb' lookup retreives the information about the album name from.
eg: my folders are all in the format '%artist% - %album%' <- an option to set this as the preferred way to retreive album name instead of the %artist% field in ID3.

2: an option to set automatic extraction of folder to 'folder.jpg' if the album art is present

3: this is a doozy, creation of a local cache file with timestamps that identify when the file was last accessed or modified and update all info only if modified, rather than just retrieving all the info, which as you can imagine takes quite a while with 10,000+ mp3's

thats it from me,

keep up the good work!

What a shame! Unfortunately, just not!