Request for Different Export function


I'd like to make a request for a different type of exporting.

I'd like to be able to load up a bunch of Music files. Then edit the tags, and also rename the files, then export the changes to 1 file without applying those changes at that moment.

Then later on when I feel it's time to apply the changes. I could import/load up that exported file containing the wanted changes, It'll look for the relevant music files, and change it to what is in the exported file.

I hope this is possible in some way. Thankyou.


You could save the tags, export to a plain text file, undo the changes to the tags and when you want to edit the tags, simply use the Taglist File - Tag converter.


Yes, that could work, but I have no clue how to work it. I've been playing with it a little and gave up. Could you help?

What do I put in the "format string" input box?