Request for new height and width technical info placeholders for export

Hi, Florian, I'd like to request placeholders %_cover_height% and %_cover_width%, to obtain the dimensions of the first cover in the file. Both would return an empty string if the file has no covers, just like the empty string returned by %_covers% when there are no covers in the file.

Why would I want this? I've got around 5000 ripped albums in my music server (from personally owned CDs), which is over 64000 tracks. I've been collecting them for a number of years and I when I started I would put any old cover art into the FLAC or MP3 files just because I was too lazy to scan when I couldn't find good cover art on Amazon or elsewhere. Now I'd like to go back and scan good covers for CDs that have small or poor quality cover art.

With the above new placeholders I could use MP3tag to export a CSV listing of all the albums with the cover height and width shown, sort that list in a spreadsheet, and extract a listing of all albums missing cover art or with cover art smaller than 500x500.

Happy New Year!


In the meantime you could export all the covers to a file with a name that would make them recognizable e.g. %album%_export.jpg.
You could then use the Windows explorer and its search function to create just that listing.
i know, from within mp3tag it would be nicer. But if you want to start now, this may be a workaround.

It would be a great idea to create the columns with width and height of cover, or maybe one column with the cover dimension (e.g. 1500x1500, 500x500, ...) just like nearby cover preview.
Screenshot of example is included.

Can You please tell me, will it be implemented?

Thanks in advance,

Yes, I would definitely appreciate this feature as well. Also, would be nice to be able to sort from the columns within Mp3tag.

I see I'm at at .de domain -- so - Vielen Dank!

It is already possible to sort by column: click (repeatedly) on the column header to toggle between unsorted, ascending and descending.
Clicking on two columns in sequence (e.g. first TRACk, then ALBUM) gets all tracks of an album sorted in the ascending track number sequence.

Yes, I know it's already possible, I meant sorting the new columns X or Y for picture dimension size.

I would like to see this feature too. In my case, I would copy the two values (from MushroomOFF printscreen, like 351x349) to a new tag field COMMENT SONGS-DB_CUSTOMx.
Such a field could be read from 3rd party applications, like MediaMonkey.

Until Florian supports additional parameters for the dimensions in Mp3tag, I wrote a little commandline tool just looking for embedded pictures in mp3 and calculate the dimensions.
It writes the height or width or both (as 123x456) into a free choosable ID3 COMM tag.

Please write a PM, if you are interested.