Request for %oldfilename% tag


Hi! What a great program! I recently discoveret it, and am very happy with it as for now. It's easy of use, nice layout, stability and power, in such a nifty package is very appealing. I have been using Branding's MP3Tag Studio which is very good and covers what I want, and also MP3Book Helper, which is very powerful, but has a very clumy and messy interface. I would choose MP3Tag anytime.

However, there's one feature that I can't find in MP3Tag, which is quite necessary. In the Tag - Filename section, I would like to have a placeholder called %oldfilename%. The use for this would be as follows: A directory with a lot of mp3s would then be sorted to for example %artist% - %album%\%oldfilename% (because sometimes you want to keep the old filename as the id3 tags are not complete).

I'm using 2.17.

Thanks for a great program!


Hi Galahad,

I'm glad that you like Mp3tag! Thanks for the nice feedback :slight_smile:

Regarding your suggestion: %artist% - %album%\%_filename% is what you're looking for.

Best regards,
~ Florian