Request for report output

Thank you for a wonderful software. I use it daily.

I have a request, is it possible to have in tools a selection for output to a text file of a sorted view in MP3Tag?

Like Filename, Title, Length, Artist, Album Artists, Album Name, Track Number or something similar that can be configured from the current view?

I realize this is probably a big one but I thought I'd ask. The answer is always no unless you ask.

Thank you again, I really love this software.

Thanks for your feedback! Happy you like it :slight_smile:

Is "File > Export..." or Ctrl+E what you're looking for? More on that here.

Thank you! I think that may do it, I'll play with it some more later.

I don't know how I skipped that, I usually try and find my answers before I ask.

Thank you again!

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