Request for to_plain_latin() conversion function

I'm new here, so I would like to say hello first ;-).

I would like to make a request for a conversion function that converts all national characters to Latin counterparts (if possible), leaving Latin and unknown characters intact. The first version might handle just European characters (I believe I read somewhere that this could be done with some Win32 API, but I am not sure), in the next versions the list of recognised characters could become longer.

I understand that this could be achieved with series of replacements right now, but this is not very comfortable, especially if you would like to define transformation for all European languages.

I would like to use this function in the "Convert -> Tag - Filename" context.
Although we normally use national characters in tags, the file names are much easier to handle without them, because especially when transferred between various servers and operating systems, the national characters often get lost or converted to something unreadable. And the media players often have very basic, lightweight OSes.

Please consider adding this function. Should be easy to implement, and I find it extremely usable.

Did you have a look at the
function? It helps to create legal filenames.

Also, there is the $replace() function that allows you to create longish lists of pairs of characters that should replace each other.
This function could help you get those translations. Yet, you have to do it according to your requirements.
Both functions can be used in conjunction with the Convert-function in the menu as well as the format value actions.

Thanks for your answer.
Yes, I know about the two functions and I am aware that this is a workaround, yet creating a replace expression that is good for - say - all European languages would be quite a nasty job.

My request is motivated by the fact that this new function should be quite easy to implement and maintain for the developers, and a very useful "out-of-the-box" tool for the users.

That's only my suggestion anyway, let the Mp3tag developer(s) decide.